Digital & Cyber forensics is a branch of forensic science encompassing the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices, often in relation to computer crime.The technical aspect of an investigation is divided into several sub-branches, relating to the type of digital devices involved; computer forensics, network forensics, forensic data analysis and mobile device forensics. Forensic process encompasses the seizure, forensic imaging (acquisition) and analysis of digital media and the production of a report into collected evidence.

Our Highly Qualified Digital and Cyber Forensic Investigators use a variety of techniques and proprietary Forensic Software's /Applications to examine the digital media, searching hidden folders and unallocated disk space for copies of deleted, encrypted, or damaged files. Any evidence found on the digital copy is carefully documented in a "finding report" and verified with the original in preparation for legal proceedings that involve discovery, depositions, or actual litigation.

We conduct the following analysis under Digital and Cyber Forensics:
  • Audio-video Forensic
  • VAPT Forensic work.
  • Data Recovery
  • CCTV footage / Image Forensic
  • Email Recovery and Investigation
  • Mobile Forensic
  • Social media Investigation
    The Digital and Cyber Forensic Analysis helps to identify / recover the hidden files in the media storage devices and emails, authentication and verification of Video/Audio Content which are plays an important role in the on going investigation. It is helpful for many industries such as Insurance companies ,Small and Medium size companies, Banks and Lawyers.

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ICS Assure Services Pvt. Ltd.(Forensic Unit) provides a 360° solutions to Private companies and Govt. Sectors in in assisting and solving the Criminal and Civil cases.

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