Fire forensic investigation is one of our core expertise and our experts are experienced in dealing with a wide variety of incidents, ranging from major accommodation fire incidents.

We do the following forensic tests under the fire forensic investigation.
  • Fire Forensic Investigation
  • Burnt debris/Ash Forensic Test
  • Goods Sampling And Lab Test
  • Structure Sampling And Test
  • Electrical wire forensic test
  • chemical sample forensic test
  • Engineering component test
  • Animation of Fire Reconstruction Scenario
  • Financial Forensic and Quantification
  • CCTV analysis and DVR forensic
    We have dealt with a number of high profile investigations with recent large scale incidents includes,
  • Marine Cargo fire,
  • Marine Hull fire,
  • Warehouse Fire
  • Motor fire,
  • Engineering and Machinery fire,
  • Property, plants, factory fire,
  • Miscellaneous fires.

    We have the expertise and experience to assist the fire investigations. Our Experts work accordance with standard Codes of forensic Practice. We have a highly experienced team of scientists, engineers , forensics who are ready to assist with fire incidents.

    We gives the root cause of the fire incidents with the principles of the forensics and engineering in details.