Motor Field Investigation

Field Investigation examines matters pertaining to insurance claims that are suspicious or otherwise in doubt for some reason. ICS Assure Services is fully capable to carry out investigation with reference to damages suffered to the vehicle due to Accident, Fire, Explosion, Self- Ignition, Lightning Our team comprises of well trained and experienced ENGINEERS ( Automobile and Mechanical Engineers) at our HO who study and analyze the information provided by our on Field Officers to prepare reports. Our Strength is our well trained Field Executives and back office staff, who provides the better co-ordination and support to our clients. We Provide following services under Motor OD Investigation.

1. OD Investigation

It is the most primary form of investigation in which we work towards finding the genuinity of the accident in which investigation is carried out to get the actual cause and reason behind the accident. In doing so information is gathered from different sources to reach the truth. Along with this DAMAGE ANALYSIS AND SPOT ANALYSIS is technically carried out to prove FRAUD in accident.

2. Fire Investigation

Fire investigation is carried out to determine the cause and origin of a fire. It involves examination of the fire scene, collection and analysis of evidence

3. Motor Theft Investigation

The motor theft investigation applies to claims for stolen vehicles un-recovered with loss or damage. Investigation is carried out on any type of vehicle or equipment loss through field-based techniques which quickly establish the facts and allow insurers to reserve a claim accurately.

4. Motor Third Party Investigation:

The motor third party investigation consists investigating the claims lodge by Third Party under Motor Vehicle Act 1988 to obtain compensation from the insured or the insurer. This Investigation is carried out on the field for finding the genuineness of the accident and on what statutory background the claim can be contestable or repudiate which helps the insurance companies in their loss mitigation.

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ICS Assure Services Pvt. Ltd.(Forensic Unit) provides a 360° solutions to Private companies and Govt. Sectors in in assisting and solving the Criminal and Civil cases.

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