About Us

About Us
ICS Assure Services Pvt Ltd, a part of International Certificate of Services (ICS) Group, was founded in 1999 and currently has 26 branches across India. We strive to provide comprehensive value-added services to insurance companies when it comes to investigating claims.

We apply our expertise for fighting fraud in the insurance industry to stay ahead of the curve. These solutions ranges from offering accident reconstruction of events, fire pattern analysis, scientific investigation, corrosion analysis and expert opinions under section 45 IEA on various forensic aspects such as questioned documents, handwriting and signatures forgeries, fingerprints examination, digital forensics as well as DNA analysis.

We also extend our expertise in MACT court cases by providing legal testimony in Pan India.

Thanks to our team of experienced forensics professionals, engineers with specialized skills, doctors and financial analysts, we are able to deliver solutions that meet various challenge faced in the insurance industry as well as other sectors. Our allied forensic services are availed by public bodies, lawyers, legal firms and corporate entities alike.


We aim to achieve a crime-free nation by our contribution of "JUSTICE THROUGH FACTS".


With more than 8 years of being involved in insurance sector we are able to understand customers needs

Providing Innovative Solutions from using the discipline of forensics,medicine and engineering science

Robust, Independent Internal Management System and Control Structure

A wide network of Field presence covering pan India network

We have deposited expert testimonies in more than 200 MACT court cases Pan India

Our Logistics and Quality Assurance Team ensures that services are provided within TAT and Quality Standards

In House NABL accredited lab in addition to advanced software and technologies

A robust Compliance and Governance Structure to ensure key risks associated with Ethics, Business Contingency,Data Privacy and Confidentiality are effectively mitigated


We design value added tailored solutions on basis of client’s requirements

Expedite the processing and work line as per customer requisites

Provide management information system and control structure database for a holistic approach towards our client demand

Primary Initiative Undertaken: “Service that Matters to Our Client"

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22/23, Goodwill, Swastik Estate, 178, CST Road, Kalina, Santacruz (E), Mumbai, 400098 Maharashtra, India

Office Timing:- 9:00 am to 5:15 pm IST


+91 022-42200989

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