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Accident reconstruction uses scientific processes that analyze the physical, electronic, video, audio, and testimonial evidences to reconstruct the accident.

Our qualified Reconstruction Analyst are employed to conduct in-depth collision analysis and reconstruction to identify the collision cause and contributing factors in different types of collisions, including the role of the driver, vehicle, road conditions,etc.

In vehicle crash reconstruction, different aspects such as determination of speed,injury of seating occupancy, internal/ external cause of fire,nature of sustained injuries,vehicle implants and the vehicle fault are resolved with teamwork of various expertise.

We have deposited various cases in court and have a successful rate of contesting it with scientific evidences and proofs.

Our team comprises of Forensic Experts, Automobile Engineers, Mechanical Engineers as well as Medical Experts.

  • Vehicular/Automobile Accident Reconstruction
  • Fire Reconstruction
  • Third Party (TP) Reconstruction
  • Personal Accident (PA) Reconstruction
Other Technical Services
  • Simulation of Accident
  • Speed Calculation
  • Clinical Analysis
  • Damages Corrosion Aging
  • Fault Determination
  • Animation of Accident
  • Blood Grouping and Correlation
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